Lead UX designer based in Venice

About me

I’m a Lead UX designer with more than 6 years of ​experience catering to prominent clients globally like ​Bridgestone and SCM.

I graduated as a Google UX designer in August 2022 ​and in 2023 completed a master in interior and ​experience design at the Italian Design Institute (IDI)

I’m currently based in Venice where I’m leading the ​design team for SCM Group

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My career started ​as Freelancer ​working for clients ​like TEDx andIFIN

Started working ​for Telebit as a UX ​designer, being ​part of a team

Employed by Atos ​as a UX consultant ​for Bridgestone and ​other companies

Today I’m leading ​the design team ​for SCM Group

"You cannot understand good design

if you do not understand people."

Dieter Rams

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3 Tommaso Grossi St. Spinea, 30038

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(+39) 366-3759747

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